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The OAFVC is a not-for-profit, small-batch food-processing facility.

Designed with farmers in mind, the Ontario Agri-Food Venture Centre (OAFVC) supports fresh fruit and vegetable value-adding opportunities to increase farm revenue. The facility also helps "foodies" with recipe development while staff work with food-processing start-up companies and expansions, in Ontario, to progress Research and Development, test batches, and to facilitate small-batch co-packing.

Our goals are simple:
By providing a facility where small/niche-batch processing and packaging of local fruits and vegetables is possible, the OAFVC aims to support and advance a sustainable regional local-food economy.

The facility is accompanied by the necessary infrastructure and support for value-added production, processing, and business services to existing and emerging businesses and organizations in our surrounding communities. By acting in partnership with supporting agencies, the OAFVC aims to enhance and educate individuals regarding food preparation and availability.

The OAFVC is pleased to offer services to help support your business from the initial-idea stage right through to seeing your product hit the market.

The OAFVC offers resources beyond just food processing including:

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Business Services

  • Food Handler Certification Training (dual certificate between HKPR & OAFVC)
  • Product Development Consulting
  • Packaging Development Consulting
  • Business Development Consulting
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Food Processing

  • Cold Pressing
  • Dehydrating
  • Flash Freezing using liquid nitrogen
  • Slicing, Peeling, Shredding, Dicing
  • Centrifuge Drying
  • Washing and Sanitizing
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Commercial Kitchen

  • Conventional Cooking over gas open flame
  • Cooking in industrial Tilting Kettles
  • Cooking in dual Convection Ovens
  • Sauté or Steam Vegetables in a tilting skillet
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Conference Room

Clients and community members to wish to use the facility for meeting, training or another event have access to a projector, sound system, wifi, and seating for approximately 30 people

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  • Vacuum packaging
  • Modified Atmospheric Packaging (MAP)
  • Tamper evident seals
  • Heat sealed pouches
  • Semi-automatic filling of containers from 50 ml - 4.5 L
  • Product pasteurization and cooling
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Dry Storage 

  • Climate-controlled dry storage available for ingredients and packaging
  • Traceability system (all products are tagged for tracking purposes within facility)

Cold Storage

  • Cold storage with temperature maintained between 38F-42F/3C-6C with a limit of 30 pallets

Freezer Storage

  • Freezer storage with temperature maintained at 0F/-18C with a limit of 65 pallets

Product Controlled Tempering Room

  • Temperature in this area can be programmed to adjust temperature over 24-hour period from 0F/-18C – 70F/21C  with a limit of 12 pallets
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Product Development Lab

  • Quality Control Lab
  • Food Technologists available
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Specialty Product Processing

  • Pelletizing food products (hops, bran, etc.)
  • Processing corn and sorghum


For more information contact:

Ontario Agri-Food Venture Centre
116 Purdy Road (Corner of Purdy and Industrial Park Road)
Colborne, ON  K0K 1S0
Phone: 1-905-355-3680

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