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OMAFRA Publications

Government of Ontario logo     The following frequently used publications are produced by the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs. They are also available at the Ministry's website: or by calling the Ministry's Agriculture Information Contact Centre at 1.877.424.1300

Agri-Business Start-Up Resources   

 Farm and Neighbour Relations


 Farm Business Ownership


The Farming and Food Production Protection Act (FFPPA) and Nuisance Complaints 


Weblink   Programs and Services for Ontario Farmers PDF   Weblink  

Understanding and Reducing Noise Nuisance From Stationary Farm Equipment 



How to form a Co-operative



Farmer and Neighbour Relations Preventing and Resolving Local Conflicts


Weblink Farm Partnership  PDF Weblink

Farm Fencing Systems


Weblink Resolving Conflict in Your Organization  PDF Weblink

Managing Risk on Farms Open to the Public


Weblink Choosing a Business Consultant  PDF Weblink

 Farm Business Marketing     Organic Farm Business  

Developing a Marketing Plan


Weblink Understanding and Expanding the Capacity of Your Farm  PDF Weblink
Direct Farm Marketing in Ontario - A Primer  PDF Weblink Transition to Organic Crop Production  PDF Weblink
Customer Service Strategies That Work  PDF Weblink Introduction to Organic Farming  PDF Weblink
Developing an Agri-Tourism Operation in Ontario  PDF Weblink Starting an Organic Farm  PDF Weblink
Guidelines on Permitted Uses in Ontario Prime Agriculture Areas  PDF Weblink Anaerobic Digestion Basics  PDF Weblink


OMAFRA Best Practices

 Soil Erosion by Water  Soil Health in Ontario
 Soil Erosion By Water  Soil Health in Ontario
 Field Windbreaks  Adding Organic Amendments
 Field Windbreaks  Adding Organic Amendments
 Winter Cover Crops 
 Winter Cover Crops 


OMAFRA Succession Planning

OMAFRA Succession Planning Do's and Don'ts OMAFRA Succession Planning Check List
Omafra succession planning do's and don'ts Omafra succession planning checklist
OMAFRA Succession Planning Components  
Omafra Succession Planning Components  


Other OMAFRA Publications

Northumberland County Agricultural Statistics at a Glance
Northumberland County Agricultural Statistics at a glance
Foodland Ontario Order Form for POS Merchandising Material for Seasonal Markets
Foodland Ontario Catalogue POS Merchandising Material for Seasonal Markets
Customer Service Strategies That Work
Developing Agri-Tourism Operation in Ontario
Direct Farm Marketing in Ontario - A Primer
Lease Agreements Land Leases
Managing Risks on Farms Open to the Public
Renting Your Land Sustainably