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The Regional Local Food BR+E

Local partners


The first of its kind; the Regional Local Food BR+E project crossed several jurisdictions and included partnershps both entrenched and introductory.

The project offered participants a unique opportunity to explore relationships between:

  • local government
  • non-government organizations
  • local food businesses, and
  • stakeholders in the local food movement

The recommendations developed by each community helped local food producers, processors and retailers find new markets and identify opportunities to increase revenue.

This project demonstrated how a number of jurisdictions can work in partnership to help develop the local food sector in ways that are specific to each community, while also making progress on a series of common regional goals.

From this project, Northumberland County has gone on to build the Ontario Agri-Food Venture Centre (OAFVC). To find out more about the OAFVC, please visit the OAFVC tab at the top or click here to access the page.

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