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For Waste Reduction Week 2016 Northumberland County found ways to use leftovers to cook some yummy food! 

The Long-Term Goal: 75% Waste Diversion 

Over 30% of the food we buy each year is wasted - that's 660 pounds of food a year for the average Canadian household!  

Help get Northumberland County to the long-term goal of 75% waste diversion by keeping unnecessary food waste out of our landfills:

  • Check out Chef Em's recipes, below, to use up leftovers in your fridge
  • Participate in the County's organic waste (green bin) program when it launches in 2019 (and take advantage of recycling and yard waste programs available now for non-food items) 


Savoury Bread Pudding
The leftover: Bread
Download the recipe: Here


Rice & Chicken Soup

The leftover: Rice

Download the recipe: Here


Spaghetti Patties with Curry

The leftover: any meat

Download the recipe: Here


Gormet Wraps

The leftover: Chicken

Download the recipe: Here


Compost Compote

The leftover: Kitchen scraps!

Download the recipe: Here


Proudly Northumberland Videos

A collection of videos filmed in Northumberland County, Ontario Canada. Maybe you'll see yourself!

The Economic Development and Tourism Department of Northumberland County, together with our project partners: Burnham Family Farm Market, Glover's Farm Market, Northumberland Federation of Agriculture, the HKPR District Health Unit, and our five Community Farmer's Markets, submitted an application to Ontario Market Investment Fund and the Eastern Ontario Development Program to help fund a promotional campaign called "Proudly Northumberland @ Home".

Agriculture is an important part of our local economy, and through initiatives like this we help people recognize that the "Proudly Northumberland" symbol means that the product was grown or produced, right here at home; in our own communities, by our friends and neighbours.